Media Playback

Big Screen Media offer several types of media playback. This follows from years of trying and testing various digital signage and widescreen systems on the market.
These have been narrowed down to:

WatchPax by WatchOut:

WatchOut is the brainchild of Swedish company Dataton. WatchOut solves all the issues and headaches of presenting content on to LED walls and Projection screens which are larger in resolution than Full HD, or ultra wide screens, that by default are well beyond normal HD resolutions. 

The latest WatchPax II units are a fully integrated dual-output playback engine with license key built in. Each player effectively supporting up to 4K across two outputs. These powerful units can be cascaded to creative undefined resolutions to drive walls of any size... All it requires is the creative input of the content creators!

Output: 2 x Mini Display Port

Supported resolutions: Various, up to 2560 x 1200 (DVI limited to 1920 x 1080p)

Network: Yes, full networkable. Configured using WatchOut production computer

Case type: Supplied in PeliCase

Supplied accessories: 2 x Active DP - DVI / 12v PSU / 2 x DVI-Parrot / Ethernet Cable


The MediaCat is a solid state Media player from Navaho Technologies. The player is essentially a digital signage platform, but also works incredibly well as a stand-alone player- great for retail installations and exhibitions. What sets this system apart from all others is the built UI and web server. No additional software is required. Either use the on screen media to playback straight from USB sticks and Hard drives, or load the webpage on a laptop and create custom layouts and schedules in minutes.

Output: HDMI and VGA

Support resolutions: various up to 2560 x 1200

Network: Yes, full built in web-server

Supplied Accessories: 1 x 12v PSU / Ethernet Cable