What we've done

Inductotherm Big Screen

The brief was to supply a fully integrated solution, including content management and content design, which was carried out in house by Big Screen Media and Inspired Media.

The first challenge was to create a precise dual sided convex / concave curve, utilising our lightweight 6mm product. Custom fabricated brackets with a precise curve were manufactured to achieve this. Curved box truss was then also manufactured in order to mount the two displays, back to back. The end result worked incredibly work, despite the low tolerance precision. 

The next challenge was how to efficiently drive the two screens, as both exceeded 1920 pixels wide. The solution was to split the screens in to two sections (data wise) and utilise multiple processors to drive. Multiple Barco Image Pro II's were also used to achieve full genlock during playback to avoid tearing. Content was then driven using Dataton's WatchPax players- The solid state units are able to drive 2 x 1920 x 1080 outputs, ideal for applications where screens exceed standard resolutions- multiple units can be added to increase the canvas size to the desired size.

Inductotherm also tasked Big Screen with producing the content for the screens, utilising our in house video production service. utilising clips, images and custom content provided by Inductotherm. An amazing panoramic video masterpiece was created, which flanked the two ultra-wide LED walls.

Curved LED Screen       Curved LED Screen