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Big Screen Media were contracted to supply a full tele-conference Audio Visual, Lighting and Sound solution.

The teleconference which linked several international locations, involved multiple ways of video and audio, some of which was utilised for the LED Walls built in to the stage set. 25 square metres of Glux IDsn3 was used for the LED solution, which were all ran independently allowing different feeds to be displayed seamlessly throughout the conference.

For the back end control solution, 4 x M/E Busses were used, utilising Blackmagic Atem Switchers and control panels, each screen with its own multiview, source buss and media pool. 4 Macs were used for VT playback and Graphics.

The broadcast element consisted of 2 x Bradley HDC_100 HD Robotic cameras and a JVC-HM850E ENG Camera with HD wireless link, allowing footage to be shot from all angles of the conference.

For the audio, RCF D-Line series was used for front of house and in-fills, with preset delays. 6 x racked Shure radio mic systems were used, with all feeds going to a Yamaha QL5 console, which was also used to correct delays and lip-sync issues associated with the remote tele-feeds. 

The lighting solution consisted of over 40 LED Up-lighters to 'wash' the venue and 6 Mac 250 Entour all run from a Chamsys MQ40 console. 

The above project demonstrates how a full production solution can be provided, taking away the hassle of multiple suppliers, along with varied abilities and skill-sets, ensuring that your event runs as smoothly as it possibly can, with experienced and knowledgable staff throughout.

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