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Seamless LED Panels

  • Model: 460-UT2
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.7455
  • Panel Size: 46″
  • Resolution Per Tile: 1366 x 768
  • Weight per Tile: 26.3KG
  • Control Platform: DVI-D

Big Screen Media stock Samsung LFD Panels for creating seamless LCD Walls. These walls are a good alternative for installations that require a very close viewing distance or high resolution. Whilst they do not carry the same advantages as LED Panels, i.e being completely seamless and much higher in brightness, they still offer the user to display video content or images in a large format, but on a more restricted budget.

The LFD Panels are built in a similar way to LED Walls and fit together like ‘building blocks’ Signal processing is very straightforward, where units are daisy chained together using standard DVI cables, as all wall processing is done via the panels themselves. For more complex requirements and configurations, video wall processors, such as the DataPath X4 can be used.

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