Multi-layout Stage

The Alustage is a tower based Outdoor Roof structure with a pitched roof for optimum strength. Constructed largely from
standard Qadrosystem 390 HD3 Trusses, this large stage has a platform area of 11m by 8m or 8m by 6m.

The stage has a central apex height of 9.7m, with a 7.7m height to grid. Raised on Lodestar motors (three phase power required), the structure can support up to 4700kg of equipment. The roof is covered in smart black PVC, with a blackout lining. The back and sides are solid rear and side walls. The solid walls are black on the outside, with a blackout lining. The standard stage base layout is a 37’ (11m) wide by 26’(8m) deep LiteDeck platform, upto 6’ (1.8m) high, with handrails fitted to the rear and sides of the platform, and various ramp and step options for access. There is also a winged stage platform option, depending of site requirements. 4m PA wings which can each support a further 1500kg are also available for this structure, with a 17.5 Sqm maximum area per side.

This structure is rated to be used in conditions up to Windspeed 9 (23.5m/s). A wind speed measuring device is fitted to the structure, so a constant check can be kept on the weather conditions. The structure is secured to the ground using special anchors. In a situation where these cannot be used, it can also be secured to surface ballast containers. Three phase power is required to install this structure. There are many branding opportunities on this stage- please contact us for details on custom made banners, speaker scrims and valance. The stage can be installed by a trained team of BSM technicians in a day, and removal is marginally quicker. This stage can be supplied as an individual item, or as part of a complete technical production solution. Big Screen Media can also supply crowd barrier, stage risers, viewing platforms, FOH control positions, sound systems, special effects, stage and
event lighting equipment and much more. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.